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7 Apps you should have while Travelling – Needful Mobile App for Holiday Trips

Google Translate: Basic functionality of Google Translate is nothing but it used to translate sentence/word in your language. So if you are traveling somewhere and you don’t know the regional language, than you can install this App easily from play store. Google Translate is completely free and you do not need to pay any single bucks to own.

Google Translate

XE Currency: If you’re traveling somewhere outside the country then you should have this app installed in your Mobile. XE Currency is used for currency conversion. This App will help you for real time currency conversion. Using this App, you can choose any currency and then convert it to you’d like to use right now. You can also go with other currency conversion App like Easy Currency Converter, Exchange Rates - Currency Converter, xCurrency - Smart Currency etc.

XE Currency

Google Map: This App helps you to find best route from your source to destination. It automatically set shortest and safest route for you. However, you have option to select route depend upon your travel vehicle. Google has also has also introduce VPS (Visual Positioning System) which offer Augmented Reality Street View and you can easily see the names of the places around you along with the directions to your destination.

Google Map Check Best Place to Visit

Uber – Taxi Booking App: If you are travelling metro city of any country and you do not have your own vehical then you must install and use Uber – Taxi Booking App. When you’re traveling and can’t face the confusion of public transport, or don’t have enough cash to book private cab then you must go with this App. It is offering services like peer-to-peer ride sharing (Vehicle Sharing) facilities.

Uber – Taxi Booking App

Google Chrome: Chrome is nothing but internet browser which allows you to browse anything on internet. You can find detailed information about anything using this App. Android user can easily download Google Chrome from Google Play Store and iOS user can install from Play Store. There are many other internet browser there such as Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer. However, Google Chrome is fastest browser in world.

Google Chrome

ColorNote Notepad: It gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience where you can write some notes, memos, messages, as well as you’re travelling experience and shopping lists and to-do lists. If you really want to keep track of your holiday trip then you must install this App.

ColorNote Notepad

Whatsapp App: It is nothing but messaging app. using this App, you can message and make voice call as well as video call to your loved one. Whatsapp is also help people to send images, documents, voice message, video, contact number etc. Interesting facts of this app is that it is completely free and you do not need to pay any rupees for same. Simply install and use it after complete registration form.

Whatsapp App